AKIKO AUDIO Triple AC Enhancer

AKIKO AUDIO Triple AC Enhancer
AKIKO AUDIO Triple AC Enhancer
330,00 €

Triple AC Enhancer


- The wiring of the Triple AC Enhancer is solely connected to the grounding, which is absolutely safe.

- The product does not contain any metals, ferrite or power filtering on the inside.

- The Audiograde AC Connector belongs to the Akiko Audio brand.

- Also available in a US version.

- Carbon housing length: 160 mm.

- Total length: 330 mm.

- Weight: 650 grams.

- The Akiko Audio Triple AC Enhancer is Hand Made

- 100-250 volt

- Treated with SilClear contact enhancer

- The Triple AC Enhancer is the high end premium version of the Akiko Audio Tuning Stick AC.

A completely new developed premium product that ensures cleaner power for your set.

There are three compartments on the inside, provided with three new active materials and brought together in a stylish housing made from woven carbon and stabilised with black resin to suppress unwanted microphonie effects.

The metal foil sticker has been energetically treated; comparable to WA Quantum products.

This all works because we applied new discoveries in the field of high frequency noise suppression. That it works has also been demonstrated through measurements: suppressing high frequency noise leads to a more pleasant music rendering in the audio spectrum.

Which improvements can you expect?

- Analogue sound: immediately audible; not subtle!

- Music is experienced as more natural and cleaner.

- Remarkable improvements of the voice rendering; fuller sounds and less troublesome ‘S’ sounds.


- In the power strip, where the equipment is also connected.

- In the socket, where the equipment is also connected.