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Cd player/dac με αναλογικό στάδιο λυχνίας.

  • Incorporated two pieces of PCM1792A DAC chip set from TI company for digital filter and D/A converter. A fully balanced design for the output circuit.
  • Deploy dedicated, high quality Op-Amp for Low pass Filter circuit and I/V converter circuit.
  • Deploy four pieces of 6922EH vacuum tubes and audio grade capacitors for audio output.
  • Separate tube circuit for Balanced and Unbalanced output.
  • Deploy one 12DT5 for tube regulation so that it can have a superb power supply for the tube audio circuit.
  • Versatile digital output and you can select between Optical, Coaxial or AES/EBU digital output.
  • Deploy USB Audio, Optical, Coaxial or AES/EUB for different input source selection.
  • Support Coaxial and Optical digital input and it is up to 24 bit/192 kHz.
  • Employ state of the art high resolution USB Audio technology, will accept and decode Hi-res digital audio through USB interface and support up to 24 bit/192kHz.
  • Independent power supply to digital circuit and analogue circuit. Reduce power interference among different circuit and make sure all components will have clean power all the time.