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An harmonious small complex of lines and curves to admire all the classic of Italian design coupled with an optimal sound staging, reproductive fidelity, musicality. Designed to produce excellent performance, even in normal domestic environments. Ghibli model despite its size and reduced bulge has performances that have nothing to envy if compared to other more bulky speakers and higher price categories. The result in reproduction is at the highest level, a large and deep virtual stage accompanied by a disarming emission nativity are able to enthusiast even the most skeptical of the measurements of the speaker itself



  • CONFIGURATION:  2-way Reversed Array
  • DRIVERS:  1 Tweeter 38mm T38 Waveguide, 1 Woofer 130 mm ROHACELL® Full-Apex™ Poly-Ring NdFeB motor
  • SENSITIVITY: 87 dB SPL normalized to 1 m/2.83 Vrms/ de-correlated L/R pink noise in ITU-R BS 1116-1 compliant listening room
  • LOW FREQUENCY CUT OFF:  60 Hz @ -3 dB referred to C4 WETS
  • CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES:  1270Hz @ -6dB (4th Order)
  • SUGGESTED AMPLIFIERS:  Up to 100W/8? Average Power
  • RATED IMPEDANCE:  Modulus 8Ω (minimum 6.2Ω @200Hz) Argument ±36° (20Hz-20kHz)
  • LOW FREQUENCY LOAD:  Down-Firing Vented
  • EAR LISTENING HEIGHT:  Preferably on woofer axis
  • FINISHING:  Solid walnut and hdf
  • SIZE:  400 x 180 x 270 mm (H x W x D)
  • WEIGHT:  8 Kg ( single piece )
  • SPEAKER ORIENTATION:  Speakers should be titled inward facing the listener
  • LISTENING DISTANCE & LAYOUT:  Minimum speaker-listener distance  2.0 m, a carpeted floor in front of the speakers is recommended
  • WARRANTY:  5 years Worldwide
  • SPARE PARTS AVAILABILITY:  All the spare parts will be available for 15 years after the model will be discontinued.