GALACTRON MK-2240 Integrated Amplifier

GALACTRON MK-2240 Integrated Amplifier
GALACTRON MK-2240 Integrated Amplifier
2.289,00 €

One of the best integrated amplifiers ever built, at the price. It radiates the sense of "live", getting deep into the feeling of the artists' performance. Tonal purity, stunning transparency, great dynamics, unbelievable grip and resolution.

Amplifier designed in a solid-state technology with polarization in class AB.

The feed structure has been made with a toroidal transformer 220VA power supply

and a total filtering system of 40,000 UF in order to provide

even the most challenging amount of current.

The high value of damping  factor has been obtained with the use of

the two pairs of mosfet, selected from about 20Ah per channel.

The configuration has been gained by low output resistance

and high availability of current, giving way to articulation remarkable level of

control and the relative information content of the same spectrum.

The tone obtained comes out in a high degree of consistency across

the entire spectrum, highlighting the great potential for the analysis of

micro- and macro-details of the musical content.

The final stage is characterized by a significantly increasing trend

in terms of the current demand of the dynamic transient.

In fact, it is able to almost double its power to halve the resistive value of the load

applied without any limitation in current, obviously linked to

the maximum available power from the feeding system itself.

The preamplifier section and management inputs have been built with solid state

technology and the amplification stage of the low level has been obtained 

with components focused on maintaining low noise:

excellent Series Integrated Burr-Brown with values of slow- rate high.

The stadium management inputs have been divided into four sections of RCA line,

allowing the end user to use multiple devices in connection and manage them differently, thanks to the use of a switching system and remote volume control in steps.

In addition, the light signals the status of each line via the LED’s of various colors.

The MK 2240 has a rear switch with the task of feeding the whole machine to ensure optimum working temperature, before activating the button of the remote control,

The amplifier achieves its best performance after at least 30 minutes of power.

Before that time music can be played, but not at optimal quality.

The last specification concerns the placement of the amplifier. It is important to ensure good ventilation over the entire surface of the amplifier, because the internal temperature heat sink forming part of the power stage could reach over 60° C.

In the case that it is increased further, the thermal protection would come into

operation by releasing the entire power system in order to

protect the same amplifier and any speakers which might be connected to it.

Power supply transformer

220 VA custom built, custom wound toroidal

Filter capacitance

20.000 uF

RMS Power (0.3 % THD)

8 Ohm 2 x 40 W

4 Ohm 2 x 55 W

2 ohm 2 x 60 W

MOSFETs per channel

1 selected pair

Peak output current

10 A

20 Ah current capability per transistor

Frequency Response

10 Hz to 60 KHz + - 0.5dB

Harmonic Distortion at max power

THD 1.6%

Signal to noise ratio

S / N 96 dB

Sensitivity for max. power

350 mV 50 KOhm RCA

Dimensions (WxDxH)

44.8 x 44.0 x 13.6 cm

Weight 16 kg