4.165,00 €


Reference Hyper-pure copper & silver loudspeaker cable

This model features both Hyper-pure copper and silver conductors used in a 2:1 symmetric relationship. The KS 3035 possesses an incredibly refined sense of tonality. Instruments and voices are presented with proper weight and body. Textures are organic in their realism. Amazing retrieval of ambient cues give a realistic feeling of the air and space that surrounds instruments.

"The KS 3035 cables clearly presented the music with more air, a fully holographic soundstage, and a sense of timbral accuracy that was uncanny." - Andrew Marshall - Audio Ideas Guide Vol. 18 No. 4 

  • V-fluorocarbon dielectric
  • VariStrand™ Hyper-pure copper

Factory terminated in the following lengths:

0.9m 4165 
1.2m 5025
1.5m 5890 €
1.8m 6750
2.1m 7615 €
2.5m 8475 €
3.0m 10200 €
3.7m 11925 €

WBT ® -Midline Termιnation options

WBT0644 - WBT0645 - WBT0610Cu - WBT0661Cu - WBT0681Cu

WBT ® - Topline termιnation options at an additional 500 €

WBT ® WBT0600 - WBT0610Ag - WBT0661Ag - WBT0681Ag


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Buyer beware of counterfeits

The greatest form of flattery is imitation. Unfortunately, this kind of imitation is not flattering to us at Kimber Kable, or our customers. Over the past year, we have seen a great increase in the amount of counterfeit Kimber Kable available on the internet. While these counterfeit cables may appear to LOOK genuine, they are a far cry from the quality and craftsmanship of products that we create. A perfect example of these counterfeits is our 8AG and 4AG speaker cables. We no longer manufacture these products but the internet if full of so-called Kimber AG cables. Any Kimber AG speaker cable selling online is absolutely suspect. The vast majority of these counterfeits are being produced overseas. A good rule of thumb is that if you are buying a ‘Kimber Kable’ product  that is shipping from Hong Kong or China, it is more than likely fake. Kimber Kable speaker cables and interconnects are produced here in our facility in Ogden, Utah. Anything claiming to ‘ship from the factory overseas’ is simply a ploy to close the sale on these counterfeit goods. We advise customers to only buy from authorized Kimber Dealers. Beware of auction or bid sites, and any site that is shipping from overseas. Once the cable is purchased, there is nothing we can do.

by Nate Mansfield – February 21st, 2012