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Vandersteen Model 5A

The Model 5A combines the superior openness of the Vandersteen boxless design with the powerful, extended bass of an amplified subwoofer in a compact, elegant loudspeaker. With trend-setting technology, the best components, and painstaking attention to detail, the Model 5A is the ultimate embodiment of advanced Vandersteen design principals.


The Model 5A uses the proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design to optimize the dispersion and transient accuracy of the drivers while maintaining the input signal's time and phase integrity. The drivers, their positioning, and their mounting baffles were developed with the aid of FFT computer analysis to minimize diffraction, cone break up, multi-driver interference and out-of-band phase irregularities. The construction, alignment, and the positioning of the drivers allow a point-source wave front, maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position, and minimize time smear. Mounted horizontally in the bottom of each Model 5A's lower section is the worlds must advanced subwoofer driver. Shown below, this massive 12-inch proprietary Vandersteen driver is a push-pull design with a powerful motor on either side of the curvilinear aluminum cone. Each motor uses a precision-formed magnet assembly with cooper rings to provide more than an inch of perfectly linear excursion.

The dual magnet assemblies are supported by a rugged die-cast basket engineered for absolute rigidity. The driver's two voice coils are wound on either end of the single common former that runs through the driver from motor to motor. Each Model 5A contains a 400-watt amplifier to power the subwoofer driver. This internal amplifier reduces the demands on the main full-range amplifier and insures ample power for the most demanding music or sound effects.

The the 7-inch woofer is mounted just above the subwoofer enclosure in a resistively loaded transmission line. Like the subwoofer driver, it uses a precision-formed magnet assembly with a copper Faraday ring on the pole piece to reduce magnetic distortion and maximize linear excursion. The heavy duty die-cast metal basket provides superior rigidity.

The unique co-injected fluroelastimer rubber surround supporting its poly/Kevlar composite cone is molded into a distinctive, performance enhancing shape.

The patented 41/2-inch open basket Vandersteen midrange driver is also found in our Model 3. This state-of-the-art proprietary driver uses advanced materials and construction techniques to minimize the frontal areas of the die-cast basket and alnico magnet assembly and reduce internal diffraction. The open-basket driver and transmission-line enclosure combine to eliminate the rear-wave reflections that affect conventional cone midranges. Energy from the back of the cone is absorbed and dissipated rather than reflected back through the cone into the room as time-smear distortion. After evaluating numerous cone materials from common (treated paper), to esoteric (metal alloy & Kevlar), to exotic (ceramic), mineral-filled polymer was selected for its superior transparency and linearity through the midrange frequencies.

The 1-inch ceramic coated drive is alloy-dome tweeter. It is a dualchamber, transmission-line loaded design to improve range and linearity. Critical acoustic dampening and a precision phase plug extend the high frequencies pas audibility without the excessive ringing associated with open or under-damped metal dome tweeters. The specific coated alloy used for the dome was chosen for its superior strength and resistance to break-up compared to common dome materials. The rear mounted 3/4-inch dome tweeter that can be adjusted to tailor the Model 5A's treble response to different rooms or listener preferences.

The Model 5A's innovative crossover comprised of transientperfect, first order networks designed to preserve the critical phase integrity of the original sound, it is compensated to allow the drivers to operate in absolute phase with each other. Custom high purity silver internal wire is used to maximize signal transfer to the drivers.

Featuring leading-edge technology, the most advanced materials, and the highest quality components, the Model 5A is a true state-of-the-art loudspeaker. With its unique upgradeable modules, it is guaranteed to remain state-of-the-art well into the third millennium.


The head is constructed of 22 layers of 3/4-inch MDF permanently bonded together with a special anti-resonant adhesive. Separate 1-inch thick driver mounts for the woofer, midrange, and tweeter are bolted to the layered head. These removable driver mounts are made of high-pressure epoxy laminate, an incredibly dense and inert material that provides absolutely rigid coupling between the drivers and the head. The baffles of  the drivers on the Model 5A are a small as possible to eliminate virtually all of the early reflections that affect dynamic speakers with conventional flat or low diffraction baffles. Reducing both early reflections and edge diffraction improves the imaging and enhances the openness and transparency of the speaker. The graph above shows the significant advantages of the Vandersteen minimum baffles.

The lower section of the Model 5A containing the dual-motor subwoofer driver and 400-watt amplifier is constructed of an advanced 1-inch to 2-inch thick constrained layer-dampened material. The picture to the left shows the inside of the subwoofer enclosure of an unfinished speaker. The internal construction features elaborate heavy bracing and reinforcing for superior resonance control.


While conventional speakers must be perfectly positioned in the room to maximize their lowfrequency performance, the Model 5As can be positioned in a convenient location and then tuned to the requirements of that particular placement. The subwoofer amplifier incorporates multiple unique adjustments that all the speaker's low frequencies to be matched to its environment and the preferences of its owner. Model 5A owners can adjust the sensitivity of the subwoofer section and contour the subwoofer's response. The sensitivity adjustment increases or decreases the overall level of the bass without changing its character. The low frequency contour control adjusts the Q of the subwoofer to accommodate different rooms, listening tastes, or system modes. In subwoofer engineering terms, system Q is the product of a complex mathematical equation derived from driver, electrical, and enclosure parameters. In practical terms, it relates to the character of the bass response. A low Q subwoofer sounds very tight and controlled. A high Q subwoofer produces a full, warm bass with more energy in the most audible bass range.

Each speaker also has eleven, dealer-adjustable compensation controls that modify the subwoofer's response to precisely counter room and placement induced nonlinearities. When the speakers are initially set up in the owner's home, the dealer uses a low frequency analyzer to set the compensation controls for the most linear bass response at the listening position. Once the dealer sets these controls, they will not need to be readjusted unless the speaker placement or listening position changes significantly.

With these innovative and versatile adjustments, Model 5As can be matched to any environment or placement. They will work as well in a small room as in a large room. The family entertainment system is a part of the room rather than the room being forced to be a part of the entertainment system.


To fully protect your investment, the Model 5A is a totally modular design. The drivers, crossover, baffles, and amplifier modules can be changed in the field using only a screwdriver and soldering pencil. As better materials or technologies evolve, reasonably priced updates will be available to incorporate the improvements into the existing speakers. This insures that every pair of Model 5As regardless of age, will continue to represent the leading edge of loudspeaker design, technology and performance.


While it uses the same boxless design as other Vandersteen loudspeakers, the Model 5A presents a very different external appearance. The lower section of the speaker is covered with wood veneer while the head is enclosed by a removable grille structure. The Model 5A is available in standard Vandersteen oak and walnut finishes with exotic woods and/or finishes available at additional cost. Owners can also supply their own high-pressure laminates to insure that their speakers are compatible with their existing home decor. In surprising contrast to its enormous full-range sonic capabilities, the Model 5A is not a large speaker. The moderate sized Model 5A provides a high-performance solution to situations where larger, placementsensitive speakers would not be aesthetically or domestically acceptable.


Each Model 5A undergoes rigorous testing and retesting during each phase of construction. The drivers and crossover components are individually tested and matched into complementary sets. The completed crossover assemblies are computer tested against a reference circuit, then potted to insure that they will not be affected by vibration. Each finished speaker is high-power sweep tested for structural integrity and FFT computer analyzed for correct response and performance compared to the model reference. This intense commitment to product quality and reliability is unsurpassed in the audio industry.


Music is pure in its dimensions. Time smear (multipath) distortions from reflections and diffraction destroy this purity just like the multipath ghost images that ruin a television picture. All the Model 5A's components, construction, and engineering are designed to preserve the music's original dimensions. By minimizing internal and external diffraction, maintaining phase and frequency linearity, using a single driver for each frequency range, and controlling vibration and resonances, the Model 5As eliminate time smear distortion and accurately convey the composition, timing and shading that build an involving musical experience. They reveal the power, the authority, the subtlety, and the intimacy of the music.

This dimensional purity is the essence of the Model 5As. It allows them to recreate the music's original scope and passion. You become more involved in the music as its complex inner structure is revealed with increased transparency and realism.

We are pleased to have embodied these qualities that are so fundamental to your enjoyment of your music in a speaker whose elegant physical presence complements the decor of your listening room. We are dedicated to continue building distinguished loudspeakers, true to both science and music, that make a statement about the importance of music in your life.



12-inch dual-motor, push-pull subwoofer with die-cast basket and a curvilinear aluminum cone.
Precision-formed magnet assemblies with copper Faraday rings provide over 1 full inch of linear excursion. Built-in 400-watt amplifier with user adjustable low frequency contour and multi-band room response compensation.


7-inch die-cast basket, long excursion woofer with curvilinear poly/kevlar composite cone and a precision formed magnet assembly with a copper Faraday ring for enhanced linearity. Transmissionline loading.


Patented open basket 4 1/2-inch midrange with a curvilinear filled polycone and proprietary highperformance die-cast basket and alnico magnet assembly to reduce internal driver reflections and improve linearity. Copper Faraday ring on pole piece. Ferrofluid voice coil cooling. Transmissionline loading.


1-inch critically damped, low-distortion, dual-chamber, ceramic-coated alloy dome tweeter. Precision phase plug. Ferrofluid voice coil cooling. Transmission-line loading.


3/4-inch critically damped, low-distortion alloy dome tweeter. Ferrofluid voice coil cooling.


Even with advanced test equipment and complex computer analysis, loudspeaker design remains an incomplete science. No measurements currently available can fully convey the sound of a speaker or provide a meaningful comparison between differing designs. The truth is in the listening.


22Hz to 30kHz + or - 2dB.


87dB at 1 meter with a 2.83 volt input.


40 TO 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms for the upper section, 400-watt subwoofer amplifier built in.


6 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum.


100Hz, 600Hz, 5000Hz and adjustable H.F., 6dB per octave.


All the drivers are connected in positive absolute phase.


Totally modular design. The driver, crossover and amplifier modules can be changed in the field to accommodate future upgrades.


Height: 111,8cm - Width: 35,6cm - Depth: 50,8cm.
Weight (Each): 82,55kg (Net). - 102,05kg (Gross).