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Vandersteen Quatro Signature

The Vandersteen Quatro speakers provide enhanced performance by combining the 3a Signature and a pair of 2Wq's in a more esthetically pleasing enclosure, simplifying the setup procedure and presenting a less imposing presence in the room. The Vandersteen Quatro has many of the same attributes as the Model 5 without the cost of the veneered cabinet.

Enhanced performance is due to 11-band room compensation controls in each speaker allowing bass optimization in virtually any position in the room; newly designed 6.5-inch woven fiber cone mid-bass drivers for better resolution in the upper bass and lower midrange; constrained-layer enclosure structures derived from the legendary Vandersteen Model 5 speakers for reduced time smear; and the integration of powered subwoofer and main speaker. Combining the powered subwoofer and main speaker in a single enclosure allows improved linearity and better transition from deep bass frequencies to the rest of the spectrum. This results in audible improvements in the resolution of the leading edge of transient waveforms and provides a more lifelike presentation.


Exclusive tapered transmission-line loaded, ceramic-coated alloy dome tweeters extend frequency response to beyond 30kHz without the large peak at diaphragm resonance that can be observed in measurements of other products. Extended bandwidth allows a more accurate reproduction of musical timbre.

Patented Reflection-Free transmission-line loaded midrange drivers have curvilinear, mineral-filled polycone diaphragms and no reflective magnet structures that blur transients and imaging. These exclusive Vandersteen drivers allow an even dispersion pattern over the entire frequency spectrum for ease of placement and provide midrange resolution that can't be achieved by speaker systems that rely on woofers to produce important midrange frequencies and simply omit the midrange drivers. These superior midrange drivers provide a more natural musical presentation and better imaging.

Improved mid-bass and lower midrange frequencies are delivered by newly designed 6.5-inch woofers with woven fiber cones and precision-formed magnet assemblies, including copper faraday rings. These drivers are limited to a frequency range of 100Hz-900Hz, where their performance is optimal, allowing better transient response and definition.

Deep bass (20Hz-100Hz) in each Quatro speaker is handled by dual, 8-inch drivers with carbon-loaded cellulose cones and ultra-long throw motor assemblies. Purpose-designed 250-watt Class B linear amplifiers and 11-band room compensation controls are combined with Vandersteen's exclusive Passive High-Pass' subwoofer integration system for a periodic response and deep bass that conventional speaker systems can't duplicate. Room compensation controls, in conjunction with bass level contour controls, allow the speakers to be placed where they image best and the bass to be optimized in that position.

All drive elements, impedance compensated crossovers and bass amplifiers are exclusive Vandersteen designs. Vandersteen's exclusive Minimum Baffles' enclosures eliminate time-smearing reflections and diffraction effects resulting in industry-leading amplitude accuracy and imaging.


Like all Vandersteen speakers, Quatros are completely time- and phase-accurate. They set new standards for speakers at this price point with wide bandwidth and linearity; exceptional resolution and imaging; and outstanding naturalness and musicality.

Vandersteen speakers deliver demonstrably superior performance and sound more like real music.



1-inch dual chamber, critically damped, ceramic- coated alloy dome tweeter.
5kHz - 30kHz.


Patented open basket 4 1/2-inch midrange with a curvilinear filled polycone.
900Hz - 5kHz.


6 1/2-inch woven fiber cone, and a precision formed magnet assembly, with a copper Faraday ring.
100Hz - 900Hz.


(2) 8-inch carbon loaded cellulose cone subwoofer with a long throw motor assembly. Built-in 300 watt amplifier with multi-band room response compensation.
20Hz - 100Hz.


Even with advanced test equipment and complex computer analysis, loudspeaker design remains an incomplete science. No measurements currently available can fully convey the sound of a speaker or provide a meaningful comparison between differing designs. The truth is in the listening.


24Hz-30kHz +-2dB.


87dB @ 1 meter with 2.83-volt input.


8 ohms +-3 ohms.


100Hz, 900Hz, 5kHz, first-order slopes.


Height: 109,2cm.
Width: 12,7cm (Top) - 25,4cm (Bottom).
Depth: 35,6cm (Top) - 48.3cm (Bottom).
Weight (Each): 49,89kg (Net). - 58,96kg (Gross).