Solid Tech Discs Of Silence (Set of 4)

Solid Tech Discs Of Silence (Set of 4)
Solid Tech Discs Of Silence (Set of 4)
250,00 €

Retail Price: 400€
Type: Component Isolation Discs
Color: Silver


Component isolation discs
Effective isolation starts at 8 Hz
Isolated piston-like center hub
Hub 'floats' in outer cylinder
Three to six springs can be installed per disc


Superior 'Suspension' Isolation Discs

Put some spring in your component isolation with the precision Disc of Silence from Solid Tech. These highly effective component discs feature a piston-like central hub that is suspended and isolated from the outer cylinder thanks to three or six suspension springs.

The resonant frequency of the tension springs is about 5 Hz with a normal load, which means that the effective isolation starts at about 8 Hz. That will effectively keep a wide spectrum of vibration-borne noise out of the signal change, giving your music the purity it deserves.

A set of four Discs of Silence can handle a load of up to 90 kg (200 lbs.)