THORENS TD-2015 TP92 Transparent

THORENS TD-2015 TP92 Transparent
THORENS TD-2015 TP92 Transparent
2.500,00 €


The new Acrylic-Series is stunning - not only from a visual point of view. Thanks to elaborate control circuitry, an extremely stable acrylic plinth and a heavy aluminium platter, the turntables are made to sound as exciting as they look.

The external motor unit of the Thorens Acrylic-Series was constructed in a way that there is no mechanical contact to the plinth, thus avoiding transfer of vibration. In addition, the entire turntable rests on special feet which effectively dampen all kinds of air-born or footfall vibrations and eventually ensure a continuous, undisturbed run of the platter.


The TP 92 tonearm, which was specially designed for Thorens turntables, uses an ultra-low-friction bearing and an innovative magnetic anti-bias system with zero stiction. The arm tube is made from rolled aluminium that is damped using RMR (Reduced Modal Resonance) technology. The brass counterweight at the end of the arm tube is double-decoupled, and the tonearm is so designed that its centre of gravity is level with the stylus.




  • TD 2015: 25 mm acrylic plinth, 3.7 kg platter
  • New TP 92 tonearm
  • New design of the chassis
  • New exciting colours (TD 2035)
  • SME M2-9 or 309 tonearm available (option)


Technical Specifications


  • Operation: manual
  • Drive System: belt-drive (square belt around platter rim)
  • Motor: electronically controlled synchronous AC motor
  • Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 rpm
  • Speed Select: electronically
  • Platter: 12” / 3.7 kg (aluminium)
  • Tonearm: THORENS TP 92, SME 309 (optional), SME M2-9 (optional) other tonearms upon request
  • Pick-up Cartridge: –
  • Anti-skating (Bias): by magnet (TP 92)
  • Automatic Shut-off: –
  • Power Supply: PS 800 electronic control unit with country-specified mains adaptor (115-230 V / 50-60 Hz depending on type)
  • Dimensions: 420 x 140 x 330 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 11.0 kg
  • Finish: clear acrylic plinth
  • Scope of Delivery: mains adapter w. power cord, stylus gauge, cotton gloves, operating instructions