GALACTRON MK-2280 Integrated Amplifier

GALACTRON MK-2280 Integrated Amplifier
GALACTRON MK-2280 Integrated Amplifier
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Amplifier is designed with solid-state technology and is totally dual-mono,

with polarization in class AB.


The power structure has been realized with the help of two toroidal power

Transformers at 320VA each and a filtering system total of 160,000 UF,

to ensure that even the most challenging demands can be met.

This includes the use of three selected pairs of MOSFET from about 20Ah per channel.

This configuration is obtained by utilizing a low value of output resistance and a high availability of current, providing remarkable control in the way the articulation and the relative content of information within the same spectrum.

Innovative new driver sin pure class"A" gives a great increased quality, control and harmonic richness.

The sound is very similar to that of amplifiers with vacuum tube technology, obtaining great consistency across the entire sound spectrum and high lighting the significant potential for analysis of micro-and macro- detail of the musical content.

The preamplifier section and management inputs is achieved with the aid of technology magneto-solid.

In other words, the amplification stage of low level is obtained with discrete

Components (Transistor and FET) with polarization in pure class.

In addition, the output stage is constructed withtwo transformer amplifiers with

a 1:1 ratio with the core "C" and a bandwidth of 10Hz to 100KHz + - 0.5 db.

The with a balanced input transformer, in addition to four RCA input lines, gives the end user the ability to use multiple devices and manage their connections differently.

The volume control system is also quite sophisticated, with the ability

to memorize the previous state and mute all inputs.

MK 2280 has a rear switch with the task of feeding the whole machine and ensure the right operating temperature.

It is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes before listening to music.

The last point concerns the placement in the same environment.

It is important to ensure good ventilation on the whole surface of the amplifier, because the internal temperature on same heat sinks as part of the power stage has an optimal operating temperature of 60° C.

If the temperature were to exceed this, the thermal protection would come into operation, un hooking the entire power system for the purpose of protecting the amplifier and any speakers that might be connected to it.

In conclusion, the significance of the interconnectivity of the individual assets must not be over looked.

The wiring is made from silver-plated copper provided by Wireworld a master in the world of hi-end electrical connections. This is a magnificent system for ensuring quality connections for both signals and power.

The contacts that bind this system are treated with Rhodium to ensure the preservation of synergy and quality musical content.

Technical Specifications

Rms Power On:

8 Ohm 2x80W

4Ohm 2x152W

2Ohm 2x220W (current limited)

Peak output current: 60 Ah

Frequency Response:

10Hz to 60kHz + - 0.5dB

Harmonic Distortion at max power:

THD 1.6%

Signal to noise ratio: S / N 100dB

Sensitivity for max. Power: 250 mV 25 kOhm RCA

Sensitivity for max. Power: 200 mV 50 kOhm XLR

Dimensions (WxDxH) cm. 468x482x136

Weight 26 kg